Corporate Philosophy

Corporate Philosophy

Yu-Chu Tseng

Packaging the inside with outside.

About 30 years ago, Central Pack founds Yu-Chu Tseng was inspired by friends studying overseas with expertise and great objectives. Yu-Chu Tseng was determined to take the challenge and started the path to entrepreneurship with an adventurous, fearless, and constantly learning spirit.

In the early market, there were only two products of packaging materials in the market, namely PVC (shrinkable film) and PE (shrinkable film). Light items are packaged with PVC while heavy items are packaged with PE, which served as the main source of packaging materials. Today, the rise of environmental-friendly awareness leads to a follow-up by countries and enterprises. In spite of so, there are over 8 million tons of plastic products flowing into the ocean each year, while the majority of them consist of plastic bags. This leads to the profound pondering by Central Pack that persistence is necessary to stay environmental-friendly from the origin.
Upholding humbleness, sincerity, and care for society, Yu-Chu Tseng advocates for environmental protection and makes herself an example. Other than studying the latest package professional technology in different places, we have always emphasized selecting fine materials, and we choose only safe, environmental-friendly, and non-toxic materials in the best interests of consumers. We look forward to bring everyone better living quality.

Central Pack Co., Ltd. has won numerous awards since 1990. Yu-Chu Tseng has never forgotten the initial aspiration of her learning. She always protects the life of brands with a humble and sincere attitude, greeting a new epoch filled with changes through a respectful, diligent, and learning attitude. Regardless of treating employees, partners, and even the environment, we firmly believe that “humbleness and integrity” is the truth to sustainable management. We filter each production carefully to show the world about our ambition to contribute to environmental protection, as well as how Central Pack fulfills all external aspects with internal aspects.

Looking into the future, we will build on professional technology and continue to innovate. The company will progressively establish a better working environment and thereby providing customers with better products. We are making progress towards two objectives. Apart from reinforcing the establishment of a complete management system, corporate culture, and social responsibility, the company is committed to passing multiple international certifications to enhance potential customers’ trust and support for us. Meanwhile, we will introduce the environmental-friendly package to shift towards the objective of sustainable development.

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