Quality Assurance


Central Pack demands higher standards for product quality and we regularly hold review meetings to maintain and improve the quality, thereby improving the satisfaction of our customers.
Professional QA personnel will conduct rigorous quality control to implement the total quality management system of the company by constantly upgrading technology and innovation.
Strengthen the quality assurance concepts in related personnel to upgrade quality management-related skills through educational training that advocates quality skills and related training as well as through internal audit.

ISO 9001:2015 new version of the quality management system

Formulated by International Organization for Standardization.

Such standard is formulated based on many quality management principles, including attention to customer requirement, governance objectives of senior management; which process method and continuous improvement are applied with ISO 9001:2015 to assure all customers with receiving consistent quality products and services, thereby bringing many business profits.

This standard provides a process-oriented system for the quality management system and covers the supply chain of all products and services. The systematic introduction and certification allow enterprises or organizations to prove that their product and service can meet customer requirements with stability, in addition to conforming to legal and regulatory requirements.

ISO 9000:2015 standards of sustainable quality management (supply chain).